Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini

Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Power Hub commands attention and to prove that smaller is better. With the power to control lighting lumens the light output hours will vary from your low to high light setting. This light is perfect for boating, camping, hiking or in your emergency kit at home. The USB feature can also be used to power USB devices such as fitbits and mobile phones.
  • Dimmable, Dual LED Light. Adjust brightness and direction for extended runtimes, up to 500 hrs on low. Fold down legs for maximum light dispersion. Built in hook and magnets for versatile mounting.
  • Charge Phones and other USB Gear. Built-in 1 A USB port with 3,000mAh battery for up to one full phone charge.
  • Recharge Anywhere, Anytime. Power up from Goal Zero Nomad solar panels, plug into any USB port with the built-in charging cable, or swap out the internal battery with a spare 18650 Goal Zero battery

Hire from $15.00 per weekend